Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are now the Antelope Longhorns

Hello AJT Parents. As many of you have heard, there was a monopolized election, which resulted in a new executive board running the Jr. Titans. The founders, Jeff and Les, have decided to start fresh with a new organization, where the focus isn't on lawyers and politics, but where it should be: being a community based football and cheerleading program. Those who are looking for a drama free football and cheer environment are encouraged to join our new organization: THE ANTELOPE LONGHORNS.

There are many advantages to joining our new A.L.I. organization, some of them being:
*We understand the program should ALWAYS focus on the CHILDREN.
*We are part of the largest nationally recognized organization: American Youth Football - NorCal AYF, following the Nationally structured rules.
*We develop young athletes and prepare them to not just compete, but also to dominate in High School.
*Our staff of coaches working with your children have a football background, not baseball.
*We have weight limits, which allows for National competition and ranking.
*We support the children in our community, regardless of their choice of High School.
*We are bringing Spring Football teams for the 2011 season...this is a year round program!!

Please note: We still support the Jr. Titans, as well as the Antelope High School football and cheer program. As a parent, it is your job to evaluate all the youth programs and determine which is most beneficial for your son or daughter. It's great to have options, and we stand behind ours!!